In case you haven’t been inside a commercial retailer in the last 5 weeks, next week will bring February 14th: Valentine’s Day.


I’m not going to get into the singles/couples/heteronormative mess of it all. I’ll just say I’m looking forward to celebrating love. I like sending little Valentine’s Day packages to my niece and nephew in an effort to impress upon them that their marital status is not the only love in their life that matters.

Especially since they’re both under the age of 12, so they’d better not even HAVE a marital status. ID-100155088

So, chances are, you’re going to venture outside your house next weekend. Or even if not, maybe you want to feel more confident and beautiful. I wear makeup around my house sometimes to be glamorous. Especially if I’m trying out something new that I’m overly self-conscious about. Netflix doesn’t judge. Which is good. Because often the look is accompanied by yoga pants and a hoodie.

At any rate, I wanted to include a nice, easy, hopefully not intimidating tutorial for those of you/us that are still beginners at this whole eyeshadow thing. It features the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Though, never fear, just below the video I have listed wallet friendly alternatives that purportedly just as effective.

Naked Palette Dupes!

Buzzfeed List – has some European products and all prices listed in Pounds

Blush and Lace List – shows the dupes with descriptions, but not on skin

Nouveau Cheap List – probably the most extensive list I’ve found, no photos of palettes, nor on skin

Nouveau Cheap Wet n’ Wild – directly compares Wet n’ Wild and Urban Decay ON SKIN!

Pro tip… if you’re googling “naked wet n’ wild” make sure you add “makeup”, “palette”, or “eyeshadow”. Just sayin’.

Now, if you’re a little more advanced, I have a few more tutorials for a sultry, date night, “oh this old thing?” look. To be clear… I chose these because I liked the final looks… not because I find the narrators to be particularly engaging (Lisa Eldridge excluded, obvi).

Do any of you have a favorite eyeshadow dupe? Is there a go-to makeup tutorial you’re obsessed with? Let me know in the comments below!