It’s difficult to pinpoint what makes Boulder the best city to celebrate Halloween. I think this is because of Boulder‘s unique mix of people and places within such a small proximity. What else makes Boulder a hub for Halloween celebrations?

1. Costumes – CU student always dress up


2. Halloween isn’t just one day – Students always take the weekend, and sometimes the whole week leading up to October 31st, to celebrate Halloween

3. Pumpkins – It seems that everyone at CU has hopped on the Jack-O-Lantern wagon. Boulder is full of pumpkin patches and students, including entire sorority houses, make a point of picking a pumpkin.
Parties – Halloween may actually be the best (or second best) weekend for house parties.

Photo via Meredith Soychak

Photo via Meredith Soychak

4. Parties – The Hill never disappoints when Halloween weekend rolls around. It is filled with party after party after party, and each party is filled with students who are celebrating the holiday by dressing up without hesitation.

5. Community Involvement – The Boulder community as a whole seems to enjoy the Halloween weekend too. One house in particular, location around 19th and Pearl, commits and transforms itself into a haunted house each year in which locals can walk through and enjoy a good scare.