Variety is the spice of life! Certainly at FATE Brewing Company, that seems to be the case. This Boulder brewery offers up 30 different beers on tap, 23 of which are made by FATE. The other 7 are brought in all the way from Belgium and round out the tap list with an international flare. In addition, they carry a number of bottled gluten reduced beers and hard ciders.

With all those options and decisions to make, it can be tough to determine just what pint you want to commit to. Lucky for us, the core beer flight gives you a 5 oz pour of each of the five beers that FATE always has on tap. These select beers are a great place to start to enjoy the breadth of flavors that this brewery has to offer. The core flight includes Laimas (5% ABV), a kolsch-style ale, Parcea (5% ABV), a Belgian-style pale ale, Norns (5% ABV), a German-style roggenbier, Moirai (7% ABV), an IPA, and Audice (7%), and American-style stout. The range of colors reflects the range of flavors that makes FATE such a unique experience. Each one is done well, from the crisp, light Laimas to the sweet, dark Audice.

If you want to mix and match a flight of your own, make sure to include the Chocolate Banana Milk Stout (6% ABV) and/or the Chocolate Raspberry Porter (6.6% ABV) for a smooth treat.

But don’t just come for the beer! FATE brings the heat with their lunch and dinner menus, with a brunch menu available on Saturday and Sunday. I always think mac and cheese is a good idea and the St. Louis Rib Mac ’n’ Cheese here is no exception. However, it’s hard to beat the combination of beer and a burger so I highly recommend giving the Vintage Burger a taste when you visit. It features FATE’s special sauce and everything!


Krista is a native of Nebraska who left all that corn behind for the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. She graduated from the University of Denver with BAs in English and Anthropology and is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from CU. In the ceaseless search for inspiration, her passions for writing and culture led her to another great love: Colorado microbreweries. When she’s not trying the new IPA on tap, Krista can be found hiking Chautauqua, running the Boulder Creek Path, or curled up with a good book