It’s hard to believe that another year at CU is coming to an end. With finals around the corner, it’d hard to see the finish line. Think about it this way: There is only one week left of classes, and let’s be real, the last week before finals is all about winding down.

Before finals it’s important to find ways to calm and find at least some sort of Zen in the chaos of finals, which for students is a combination of stress, anxiety and nervousness.

Around campus though, there are various ways to contrast the chaos with relaxation. Here is a list of the various ways in which students can parallel the anticipated hell week of finals with activities:


  1. The Rec Center, though.

It is proven that exercise can help decrease stress levels – everyone knows that. But what students may not be aware of is that the Rec center offers classes such as yoga and Zumba weekly. Now is the perfect time to utilize the 51 million dollar expansion!

  1. Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café.

On Tuesday, April 28, Innisfree will have an open poetry readings beginning at 7:00 p.m. The readings usually last for a few hours and provide for a great study break. In fact, Innisfree is also a great study location because of a combination of the quiet and homey atmosphere and the coffee, of course.

  1. The Forecast.

Next week, the week of April 27th, is predicted to epitomize beautiful Colorado weather. Sunshine and warmth – With this hopefully accurate prediction, students can escape their study caves by hiking or lying out. Another plus? The amount of sunshine we get is directly related to our individual happiness.

  1. Deals.

Local business around Boulder offer deals for being a student. Boulder Bowls on the Hill offers a discount on their healthy bowls and Century Boulder offers reduced price movie tickets on Tuesdays. For the early birds, the Laughing Goat in Norlin is notorious for offering selected drinks at a discount in the early mornings.