A half inch of snow blanketed northern Colorado on Thursday last week, with eleven days of summer left after it. Last time I checked, it typically isn’t supposed to snow in the summer.

Colorado has always been known to have sporadic weather patterns, and with climate change at hand, it’s only bound to be more sporadic in the coming months. This is far from a bad thing, however.

Winter, how do I love thee? Let me count thy ways…



1. Tis’ the Season to Ski and Ride. 

When someone asks a Coloradan what the best winter activity is, they’re probably going to say “skiing” or “boarding.” Colorado boasts almost thirty ski resorts, giving winter sports enthusiasts a huge number of options. With this early snow, it may mean a longer or more substantial ski season. Or it may not. It’s impossible to know what the future’s weather may hold, but you can always hope!


2. Hike with Snowshoes

Snowshoeing is a great activity. There’s an unbelievable amount of trails in Colorado that are ideal for snowshoes, so there’s plenty of places to explore. It’s a lot like hiking in the summer, but it’s much more serene. There’s typically a lot less people on snowshoe trails, and there’s typically a lot of wildlife to be seen. If you ever wanted to go hiking and truly immerse yourself in the wilderness, then bundle up and get some snowshoes on!

3. Build a Snowman. 

Building a snowman is commonly mis-interpreted as a childlike activity, but it’s not. By creating a structurally stable snow sculpture, you’re creating an incredible piece of outdoor art. The best part about being the creator is that you can even take some artistic liberties. Personally, I like constructing snow-bears, as you can see above. Discover your inner artist and build a snowman. You won’t regret it.


4. Have a Snowball Fight.

Snowball fights are exhilarating experiences that should be shared by everyone. If nothing else, they certainly make for some iconic movie scenes! It’s not often that fun falls right from the sky, and it’s up to Boulderites to take that fun, turn it into a snowball, and then launch it at a willing opponent (from a respectable distance, of course!).


5. Make a Cup of Hot Chocolate. 

Hot chocolate in the winter is an absolute necessity. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching a thick snowfall from the comforts of your home, all the while sipping a warm cup of chocolate. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to drink a tall cup of hot chocolate when the first big snowfall greets us into the real winter.


6. Witness the Incredible Boulder Star

Some day, not too far in the distant future, you will be walking or driving home and you’ll glance up at the mountains. There, you will see the Boulder star for the first time since last winter. It gives you a warm feeling in your stomach, and it makes you just a little more excited for the winter. It’s a magical thing to see, and you can even hike underneath it by driving a short distance up Flagstaff Mountain. It’s one of the best things about Boulder winters, and I eagerly await its return.

I hope this list got everyone excited for the upcoming winter season. It’s truly an exciting time to be here in Colorado, no matter how cold it gets.