As part of their business plan to give back to the community, AboutBoulder’s founder Scott Armstrong will be presenting a check for $300 to the nonprofit organization Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on behalf of their new advertiser Karing Kind, Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary.  Dylan Donaldson, who founded Karing Kind to provide organic top shelf medicine to Colorado’s medicinal patients, is proud to support the important work of Greenwood.

Greenwood is one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in Colorado, helping more than 140 different wildlife species since 1982. ​Currently, they are the only large facility serving songbirds and waterfowl in the Greater Denver area. ​Located between Lyons and Longmont, Greenwood cares for more than 2,500 ​​mammals, birds and waterfowl​ each year in a natural and rural setting. Wildlife rehabilitation consists of taking in and caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals until they can be returned to their natural habitat and families. Greenwood’s licensed wildlife rehabilitators make every effort to minimize human contact and prevent taming of the animals to ensure their successful reintroduction to the wild. This nonprofit also strives to educate the public about humane solutions to human/wildlife conflict.


Dylan Donaldson presenting the check to Jenny Bryant at Greenwood

Scott Armstrong created to provide an easy-to-navigate “One-stop Site” for residents and visitors of Boulder alike. While helping to connect the community through this site, also takes pride in giving back to the Boulder community in an even more direct way—through Boulder Giving. Boulder Giving, also known as The Appreciation Plan, allows AboutBoulder to give back through the advertisement of and partnership with other Boulder businesses. On behalf of the business, 10% of the advertising revenue is donated to a charity organization of their choice. This gave Karing Kind the opportunity to both promote their business and give back to their local community (or, in this case, to their local furry friends outside of the community).

For more information about Karing Kind you can go to AboutBoulder and check them out:

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