Sunday - December 16, 2018

Kristen Edwards

Born and raised in Northern Colorado, Kristen is a recent graduate of Colorado State University. Her BA in Biological Anthropology- specializing in bioarchaeology, health, and epidemiology- has taken her all across the world, and her last three summers have been spent at the archaeological site of Pohansko, in the Czech Republic. Pre-archaeology, she spent some time teaching basic English, math, and science to children of all ages in Ghana, Africa. Though her wanderlust has taken her all across the United States, as well as to Poland, Hungary, the UK, Slovakia, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Austria, home will always be where the mountains are. She spent two years volunteering with Larimer County Search and Rescue, and will take any opportunity to spend some time up where the air is thin. Wherever she goes, though, she always has her camera. "Photography is in my blood," she says. "My grandfather and uncle were both professional photographers, and I learned to hold a camera before I learned to hold a spoon." Though she has photographed weddings and other special events, her passion lies in street photography and portraiture. "Behind every portrait is some unsaid truth... some untold story. I appreciate the challenge of trying to find them."

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