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Why Boulder is a Kayaker’s Paradise

March 30th, 2023

Boulder, Colorado, is renowned for its natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Kayaking has been a popular pastime in Boulder for many years, with enthusiasts taking advantage of the city’s natural waterways and stunning scenery. The history of kayaking in Boulder dates back to the early 20th century, when kayaks were used primarily for transportation and exploration purposes. The first recorded instance of kayaking in Boulder was in 1912, when a group of Boy Scouts paddled down Boulder Creek in homemade kayaks. In the following years, kayaking began to gain popularity... Read More

Boulder’s Top 3 Favorite Lakes

February 28th, 2023

The lakes in Boulder, Colorado are a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike. People are drawn to these serene bodies of water for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is their natural beauty and picturesque setting. Surrounded by towering mountains and lush vegetation, the lakes offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the lakes also provide opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Many people enjoy taking a stroll or bike ride along the scenic paths that wind around the... Read More

Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in Boulder

February 18th, 2023

Watching the sunrise can have a positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing. For starters, waking up early to witness the sunrise can help regulate your body’s circadian rhythm, which is important for maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. Additionally, the soft, warm hues of the sunrise can help reduce stress and anxiety by promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation. Sunlight also triggers the release of serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone, which can help improve your mood and energy levels throughout the day. Additionally, taking in the beauty of nature can help cultivate feelings... Read More

The Ironman is Here

August 1st, 2015

Boulder is best known for beautiful scenery, amazingly close access for everything outdoors, and of course, an extremely health conscious population. Part of the reason people flock to Boulder is for the health minded, adventurous live style. To add to the ambiance of Boulder, this Sunday, August 2nd, Boulder will be hosting the Ironman 70.3. The race consists of three parts, beginning with a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and finishing with a marathon (26.2 mile) run. For the Boulder Ironman, the swimming portion will take place in the Boulder Reservoir located in far North Boulder. Athletes... Read More