Saturday - September 26, 2020

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7 Best Year-Round Boulder Beers

September 17th, 2020

Happy Friday, fellow beer enthusiasts! Since I’m new around here, I thought I’d give you all a taste of what my go-to choices are from a few of Boulder’s best microbreweries. When I was conducting research for my undergraduate Anthropology thesis about Colorado craft beer culture, these were some that I discovered early and still stand out in the sea of rotating taps. So, when you’re looking to learn what a particular brewery is all about, you can’t go wrong with one of these classic options! 1.  Avery, White Rascal Don’t let the devilish rascal on the can scare you away because this... Read More

What’s Your Favorite Shade Of Beer? Let’s Test A Few!

March 26th, 2016

  As you all know, the varieties of beer available to us are endless.  Beers come with different taste profiles, ABV levels, ingredients, and shades.  How are you ever supposed to know what you’ll like?  People tend to stray away from the desire to try a new beer when they are unfamiliar with what’s being offered.  People may think, “Oh, that beer is so dark, it will make me feel sick.” Or “Why is the alcohol content so high?” After the ABV%, I think that beer shade is the next most intimidating characteristic when choosing which of many options will... Read More