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Boulder Flowers Indoors: Hibiscus Present Great Visuals!

Hibiscus Indoors Still Knows It’s Time To Flower Greeting the day with blooming flowers, indoors or out, is a great way to start the day. Inside: Hibiscus. Outside: Iris. The Iris is about three feet tall! The Hibiscus is perhaps 5″ across a single flower. The Hibiscus close-ups/macro pics are a wonderful presentation of the […]

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Boulder’s Motivation Monday: Our Spring Palette Unveiled!

‘Tis the season to smell the Boulder flowers! While flower pics may cheer us during short winter days, it is hard to compete with the beauty and fragrance of lilacs in the Spring. Lilacs are in full bloom, and the perfume permeates the Boulder air. Flowering trees astonish us with the sheer mass of their […]

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To BEE or Not To BEE. That Is The Question

As This Boulder  Honeybee Travels From Flower to Flower, It Collects pollen. The Pollen is the Large “Orange” Pouch Under The Hindquarters. Photo Lenny Lensworth Frieling Photo Lenny Lensworth Frieling Whether it is hive collapse or some other challenge to our bee population, our very existence relies upon the health of our pollinators  worldwide. Let’s […]

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What Could the Brexit mean for American Businesses?

On June 23rd, the people of the United Kingdom narrowly voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, ending the UK’s 41-year membership. Immediately, the world experienced negative economic feedback, as the British Pound dropped in value and stockbrokers everywhere missed expected returns. It has been nearly two weeks since the Brexit (British-exit) took […]

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