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Was Boulder’s Heat Record Really Only 104 Degrees F. ?? NO!!!

I was truly shocked. I had a chat with AI about how much hotter it is on concrete, on blacktop, and on outdoor dirt paths. How much hotter is a blacktop parking lot surface than the “ambient air” temperature as reported.  I know that when I walk out of the supermarket or out of any […]

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Why Does Boulder Have A “Greenbelt”?

You may hear Boulderites referring to a “greenbelt,” but what is that and why does Boulder have one? There was huge population growth in Boulder between 1950 and 1970. This growth was due to the presence of the University of Colorado, the intellectual diversity surrounding the university, and a strong local economy. At an annual growth […]

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4 Great Fishing Spots in Boulder County

Looking to relax? Get out in nature? Get some delicious fresh-caught fish for your table? If you’re fairly new to fishing or usually drive a long way to get your fix, I’ve got some good news: you can find great fishing spots right here in Boulder County! 1. Wonderland Lake Size: 34 Acres Depth: 13ft […]

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How Many of These Fun Facts Do You Know About Boulder?

How well do you know the city that you live in? Here are 7 facts you can use for your next virtual trivia night! 1. The median age of Boulderites is just 29 years old 36% of the population in Boulder is between the ages of 25-44, with the median age being 29. The fact […]

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Boulder Wildlife Studies: Even the Littlest Project Matters

In a state like Colorado, knowing that there is wildlife around us comes to most Boulder residents as a given. It’s no shock to see a deer in the early morning, or see small chipmunks or mice scurrying about while hiking. Many people see a group of prairie dogs and think nothing of them; they’re […]

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Continued Layoffs For Boulder Employees, Concerns Over Open Trails Rise

A City Council meeting this week announced that 700 municipal employees will be furloughed through June. The meeting also addressed the open trails that remain open to the public and frequently used despite social distancing rules. The Council worried that open trails were drawing in too many people for social distancing guidelines of six feet […]

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