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Faces of Boulder – Pic of The Day!

December 31st, 2021

“Hello Joshua, I’m from Colorado Springs and I have three sisters and my two older sisters went to CSU for college and when I viewed the campus on my visit there and then compared it to what I viewed at the CU campus, I could already see that I was leaning towards this beautiful university. Honestly, I kind of wanted to do something different from my older sisters, so when I saw Boulder, I just thought this would be a cool and phenomenal place, and it’s so beautiful so I figured why not. I think that my favorite thing about Boulder is the people that I’ve met and see and... Read More

Faces of Boulder – Pic of The Day!

February 28th, 2016

“People get put into these categories and then you’re supposed to be against the other group. And I think it’s perpetuated by the media and so forth and even greater political powers. Any group like that, the democrats versus the republicans, people who like Trump and people who like Bernie Sanders. Anything that makes you feel divided from another human being is pretty false. I think it’s false division. It’s the edge of what’s going to help the world move forward, for people to recognize some of the illusion of the differences that people get caught up in. Even myself, I’m... Read More