“Hello Joshua, I’m from Colorado Springs and I have three sisters and my two older sisters went to CSU for college and when I viewed the campus on my visit there and then compared it to what I viewed at the CU campus, I could already see that I was leaning towards this beautiful university. Honestly, I kind of wanted to do something different from my older sisters, so when I saw Boulder, I just thought this would be a cool and phenomenal place, and it’s so beautiful so I figured why not. I think that my favorite thing about Boulder is the people that I’ve met and see and of course the scenery here. Every day you walk outside, there is something so special or something so new and I feel like you can easily get inspired by the people here and the way that the mountains are right in your backyard. Plus it’s only a 2 hour drive to ski or snowboard or do anything you want that has to do with hte flatirons or mountains. There’s so much to do here and I feel like you get the city vibe, even though it’s a pretty quite community. Something that I think keeps me going every day is the thought of my family and like the things that my parents have done to make sure that my sisters and I had the light and hope that we have. I want to be able to keep that light, and have a precious life later on and be able to provide that for the family I end up having. Something I’ve learned through my experiences is the sign that says there’s so many different possible opportunities out there and I think that working in medicine to genuinely help make a difference. It seems that new drugs never created before is something that really draws me to healthcare, because I won’t be able to help people with whatever disorders they maybe having that didn’t have treatments or cures for before, but I can work as hard as I can to find an answer and possibly a cure. This is why I go to school and push for the best grades. I came to provide for myself and change health issues in society. In 10 years  I don’t know where I’ll be living or  if I’ll be married or whatever, but I know I just want to be happy and be the kind of wife that other people would admire. I don’t have people that I know of look up to me but I do believe that I’m a role model and I want to have my own profound career. Obviously I don’t know what that’s going to be yet but I just know as long as I’m in a good place and doing something that I love, I think that’s enough. Motivation to me looks like when I was growing up, there was this poem in my friends bathroom. It basically is about when you know God walks beside you, you always look back and see two sets of footprints in the sand and like your past and there is this quote that the guy says in the poem, like Lord when I look back on the life, the most difficult times in my life I only see one set of footprints, why would you leave me in those times?  God looks at this man and says I was always with you , the reason you saw one set of footprints is not because I left your side but it’s because I was carrying you through your difficult times in your life. No matter what you’re going through, there’s always going be people to lift you up and carry you through those times.” Remember that folks!
~Sincerely Mary