While it may be golden aspen up in the mountains, down here in the plains, in Boulder, we still have wildflowers in bloom. These flowers provide important food for bees and other animals as we get closer to winter. In our open space and natural areas these flowers are especially important. Its the very end of flower season so catch the last of the wildflowers until next year. As you walk around Boulder or one of the many great open spaces in the plains this weekend, look out for these lovelies.
Goldenrod, Solidago canadensis
This tall bright yellow cluster of flowers can be found all over Boulder. You can see them in moist fields, along drainages and creeks, and can sometimes become weedy.
Dieteria bigelovii
Tansy Aster, Dieteria bigelovii
This flower looks a lot like the Aspen Daisy of the mountains in summer. The cheery little purple daisy flowers are a welcome color change to the shades of brown we see around Boulder lately.
Queen Anne’s Lace or Wild carrot, Daucus carota
Many of these flowers have already been pollinated and have formed tight little “bird’s nests” but many are still in bloom. The tiny white flowers create a delicate umbel that looks like lace.
Grindelia squarrosa
Curly Cup Gum Weed, Grindelia squarrosa
This bright yellow flower is all over the place and its funny name is actually very descriptive. The green cup that the composite flower sits in is covered with curled phyllaries that are quite sticky like gum.  Composite flower means that just like a sunflower, each flower head is actually made up of many tiny flowers.
Sunflowers, Helianthus spp.
Some sunflowers are still in bloom and are a classic symbol of summer. Summer may be over but these relics remain for a little while longer.
So look for them, smell their sweet blossoms, but please don’t pick. Savor the last of summer but bring on the fall! Now get out there 🙂