The leader in the travel information sector, Upgraded Points, has just released new data that shows the best and worst American cities for a “Canna-cation,” as well as the most and least expensive places to experience marijuana.

A cannabis vacation is known as a canna-cation. It’s essentially a term for those looking to take a vacation where they can consume cannabis.

The top cities for a cannabis vacation were determined after a study of 50 significant cities where recreational marijuana use is legal. The researchers took into account ten ranking factors that are closely related to marijuana tourism, such as 420 experiences, dispensaries, prices, and rentals that are marijuana-friendly.

Denver came in first at No. 1, followed by Boulder at No. 4 and Colorado Springs at No. 10 on the list, which included three Colorado cities.

The following 10 criteria were used to select the top destinations for a canna-cation:

Average Cost of Airfare (Round-trip)Average Nightly Price at a Weed-friendly Accommodation
Number of Weed-friendly Airbnbs (per 100K)
Average Cost of Rideshare (UberX Rides)
Number of Medical and Recreational Dispensaries (per 100K)
Average Cost of a 1/4 Ounce of Weed
Number of Guided Cannabis Tours
Average Cost of Weed-friendly Experiences
Number of Weed-friendly Experiences (per 100K)
Number of Fast Food Restaurants (per 100K)

Photos via pixabay