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10 Things Triathletes Do That Piss Cyclists Off.

Part of being a triathlete is being a cyclist, and part of being a cyclist is making fun of triathletes. This strange relationship is one that I have gotten to carefully observe over the years. Many of my friends are strictly cyclists, and many are strictly triathletes. The only thing they have in common is that they ride bikes.

Triathletes try to be the master of three sports, and I get it, that is annoying. We are like that girl you went to high school with who was the president of the student government, captain of the basketball team, and voted homecoming queen.

Here is a list of 10 things that triathletes do that drive cyclists crazy.

1. Riding with a sleeveless jersey

Sleeveless jerseys are acceptable under two circumstances: You are in a race and just got done swimming, or if… actually there are no other acceptable times.

I used to break this rulesleeveless assos

2. Talking about the other workouts they that day

If you are on a bike ride with a cyclist and mention how you had a hard swim that morning, that person has the right to smack you.

3. Riding their triathlon bike on a group ride

Triathlon bikes are built so that you can ride alone more efficiently. Show up to a group bike ride with your aero bars and you might actually get into a fight. Triathletes are notorious poor bike handlers and cyclists see you as a risk. See video.

4. Not wearing socks

In a triathlon it saves time to not put on socks after swimming, but it won’t matter when you cant race due to the debilitating blisters and athletes foot from riding without socks all the time. None of those “no show” or crew socks either.

5. Brick workouts

Running after biking is an important part of training, but knowing that after your 4 hour bike ride you are going for a 10 mile run makes even the hardest working cyclist feel lazy.

6. Riding dirty, poorly maintained bike

Bikes are expensive, and most cyclists are willing to shell out serious cash to have their machines weighing less, running smoothly, and looking great. Riding around on a dirty, squeaky bike with ripped bar tape and half removed race numbers is truly hard for these cyclists to see.

7. Posting swims on Strava

Strava may offer options to upload your swim workouts, but it is pretty silly when you think about it. All you are saying to your cyclist followers is “look how much I work out”. Don’t go taking their KOM’s either or they will really freak.

8. Using weird bike accessories

Mini aero bars on your road bike, special compartments to hold your gels, water bottle holders behind your seat, and other race specific items. So not pro.

9. Compression socks

These socks are great for recovery, but going to dinner or riding your bike in them is frowned upon by pretty much everyone.

compression triathlete

10. Ironman tattoos

Completing an Ironman is an amazing accomplishment, but if you are only doing it so you can brag to everyone then you better expect that cyclists are going to resent you. You just paid $600 for a race and then another $100 to have a brands logo on you forever.

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