It’s a town full of adventurers, foodies, and oh-so-trendy college kids. You’ll want to be in the know and prepared for anything. Here’s what you shouldn’t forget when you’re in Boulder:

    1. Reusable Bags. These puppies can save your life. Plastic bags are the cancer of environmentally-friendly cities everywhere, so more and more places are passing legislation that imposes 5 or 10-cent fees for having to use plastic or paper bags at the check-out. Plus, if you forget your reusable bags when you’re checking out at Whole Foods or Sprouts or Trader Joe’s, people will judge you. Hard.


    1. You can put chia seeds and kale in almost anything. Yogurt. Salads. Froyo. Cocktails. You name it. People in Boulder take their superfoods very seriously. Juice ‘em. Slice ‘em. Mask them with fruit or salad dressing. Feel good about yourself because you made some serious nutritional strides today. Omega-3s and fiber are the new black.


    1. Pedestrians have the right of way. They’re everywhere – from streets to sidewalks to crosswalks to mountain trails to bike lanes to parking lots. Boulder pedestrians have an inflated sense of safety and a lessened sense of fear that a large metal vehicle could likely run them over when they just walk into the middle of the street like they own the place. They’ll pop up outta nowhere so you just have to watch out for them, man. Also watch for people on bicycles or long-boards. Those guys are absolute terrors.


    1. Nalgene water bottles. Camelback water bottles are equally as popular. Basically you’re going to want to have your big, sustainable, REI-bought water bottle with you at all times. Decorate it with stickers, some hemp, and a carabiner for no reason. Just don’t forget it. Buying a plastic water bottle is almost as embarrassing as forgetting your reusable bags at the grocery store.


    1. Weed is only legal if you’re over 21. There’s a well-earned stigma surrounding the city of Boulder that involves the cannabis culture that has evolved here. Amendment 64, passed in Colorado in 2013, opened up a whole new chapter in the retail production, sale, and consumption of marijuana, but only if you’re 21 years of age or older. Sucks to suck. For anyone who isn’t legal yet, you’ll have to maintain your friendship with your sketchy friend Dwayne for a few more years.


  1. Your ENO Hammock. What if you’re suddenly invited to go camping? Or you’re hiking and want to nap? What if you see a crew of other ENO groupies and want to join? It’s way cooler than a tent, sure, because it’s alternative. You can set these suckers up almost anywhere. Hang yours up on Norlin Quad, down by the creek, or on your front porch. Just don’t forget to pack it with your Chacos, your slackline, and a thermos full of Mate tea.