It is normal to be intimidated when you’re experiencing something for the first time; whether it is a salsa dance or a round of golf. For beginners, golf seems a bit complicated because of its rules, the variety of clubs, and the lingo. If you don’t know much about golf, you need to familiarize yourself with some information that will make your first golf class a breeze. You need to know the different types of clubs, how to practice, and when you’re finally ready to sign in for a golf course. This guide is meant to help you focus on your game by knowing seven things before you take your first golf class.

1. Clubs

When it comes to playing golf, you can bring up to fourteen clubs. However, you will not need this many in the beginning; you may only need five or seven. As a beginner, you can start with a putter, driver, sand wedge, fairway wood, and pitching wedge. Moreover, you don’t need to buy new ones; find used clubs that come at reasonable prices. Additionally, when you’re buying clubs, visit a large shop and try the club yourself. Your club should have a fast and aggressive swing and should be easy to control.

2. The Right Ball

This sport is all about throwing balls, so the odds that you lose a number of them are a lot. So, when it comes to buying golf balls, buy them according to how many you lose in a single round. As a beginner, start with the cheapest set of balls until you’re able to cut back on losing some. Then, you can go about purchasing higher-quality balls. In the beginning, you may think all the balls look the same, however, they have various qualities for each player. Furthermore, getting into golf needs a decent bag where you can place your balls and clubs. Invest in one of the Sunday golf bags since they’re small and light in weight. Read more about golf bags and choose one that suits your needs.

3. Best Time to Play

Playing golf for the first time and doing it in front of new people can make you a bit nervous. So, the best thing to do is not to go on weekend mornings, where there could be a mass of people. Instead, play at twilight or mid-afternoon to feel more at ease. Moreover, check online tee sheets to view how busy the facility is before you book.

4. Dress Code

What to wear to a golf game is an important matter. Even though experts barely pay attention to dress codes, a new player should stick to proper golf attire. Men can wear a collared shirt tucked into pants or shorts, while women can put on any athletic wear along with polyester shorts or skorts. However, once you feel more comfortable, you can throw on whatever you want.

5. What to Bring

In your first golf game, you don’t have to be equipped with tons of accessories. Bring only 5-7 clubs and balls and place them in a golf bag. It is recommended to wear golf shoes, but athletic shoes are acceptable as well. Moreover, don’t bring a non-golfer with you as they can be a source of distraction and may cost you extra fees. Naturally, dogs are not allowed, although some facilities may allow a leashed-up pooch.

6. First Day

Golf courses don’t tolerate late arrivals. There are specific timings for tees and people expect you to arrive on time. The best thing to do is to show up 30 minutes early. Additionally, you may find a starter in some courses who calls for your group on the range. Other groups may have a loudspeaker and sometimes there is no announcement at all; the groups have to know their time and turn to claim the tee.

7. Game Etiquette

When it is another player’s turn, you should not stand right next to the putter or the hole; keep a fair distance to allow the other team to play. Moreover, if your ball comes in the way of a player’s putting line, use a coin to mark your ball. When you leave a ball mark on the field, make sure you repair it using a repair tool or a long tee.

There isn’t a better game than golf given the fact that it suits our social-distancing world. This game can be intimidating at first with its various equipment and rules that may overwhelm you. Keep these handy tips in mind before your first golf class to make things easier for you.