One of the things I love about Boulder is the number of places to get cheap drinks due to the large college population! Truly, this town is the town where you can you get a lot of strong drinks (sometimes served in pitcher form) for a decent price. After living in NYC for a year—and being scared by having to pay $18 for a single red bull vodka at a bar once—I am very here for Boulder’s cheap prices. Look no further for a guide to the best deal drinks in Boulder, and I’ll see you there.

1. Illegal Pete’s

Photo credit: Mike T

Illegal Pete’s is low-key the king of good, cheap drinks in Boulder! They have two locations in Boulder—one on the hill and one on Pearl Street Mall—the two most poppin’ areas. They have some great margs at a price of only $4.50 at happy hour, and they pack quite a punch as a single marg! That drink special goes for double well drinks as well. They have amazing food too, and you might as well grab a large chips and queso while you’re sipping those margs.

2. Half Fast Subs

Photo credit: Keith Righthouse

Half Fast Subs will always be a favorite of mine. You can get a pitcher there for around $9. Not a pitcher of beer, you say, but a pitcher of several different mixed drinks. I would advise the Strongo (The pitcher of their long island) and buckle up. They won’t taste the best, but they will for sure get you going. It’s a fun part of any event, and a sure way to get a pregame started. If you’re feeling peckish, there is an extensive sub menu that will not disappoint. I really do love the atmosphere here too, it’s very laid back and casual.

3. The Rio

The Rio is the most expensive option on the list, but I digress; they have $4 margs on Thursday nights so get on over there. While I praised Illegal Pete’s margs earlier, The Rio has the best margs in Boulder according to any local you ask. The most popular ones are their frozen margs, with a choice of strawberry, mango, or the popular fun ‘manberry’. There is also a wide selection of other margs on the menu too. They have an amazing rooftop, one of the few in the Boulder that makes the visit really worth it too.

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