Popularized in the 1970s, the broad term “New Age” applies to a continually growing number of spiritual and self-awareness practices. Yoga, meditation, holistic living, metaphysical practices, and crystals come to mind when talking about the concept in popular culture. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop brand have brought these ideas to the mainstream.

Whether you believe in the exceptional spirituality of some locations around the world or not, there’s something magical that draws like-minded devotees to certain cities around the world.

These places of refuge sometimes claim to be energy magnets dictated by ley lines and others are simply places that have curated communities centered on individual wellness, alternative practices, and natural living.


Reservations.com has put together an official ranking to highlight the places in America where this New Age presence really thrives. Their team researched the qualities that define modern-day hippie hubs. They used the following criteria to reveal the ideal New Age cities:


  • Spirituality & Wellness
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Spring Weather
  • Creativity & Arts
  • Festivals
  • Community Vibes


Their research quantified these factors by researching how many retreats, workshops, markets, art galleries, festivals, sustainability projects and more exist in some of the top New Age Cities. The thorough ranking culminates in A Visual Ranking of the Top 25 Wanderlust-Inspiring New Age Cities for Spring.


Boulder Ranks #5

Known for being happy, healthy and bike-friendly, could our city be the conscious capital of the world?

Community consciousness here is a big deal. Boulder is home to groups like the Conscious Alliance working to help families in need. Environmental consciousness is celebrated and revered. There is a long list of community movements such as E Movement working to educate youth about the environment or the Annual Walk and Bike Week & Walk and Bike to Work Day.

The Rocky Mountains offer practically endless amounts of outdoor activities, especially since there is an average of 300 days of sun each year. In addition to that, the Flatirons rocks jutting out from the earth create a simply breathtaking skyline.



Author info: Kristen Klepac is a world traveler who has climbed mountains in Poland, explored the ruins of Pompeii and is currently on her way to settling down in and uncovering the wonders of France. Between diving into a good read, her love of music and learning French, she works as a freelance writer with Reservations.com specializing in travel writing and sharing her passion for travel, personal growth, and wanderlust.

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