Atomic 20 is more than just your average marketing company; they also serve as a creative coworking space for freelancers. This space gives freelancers the opportunity to work on projects to build their own company as well as collaborating with others in the process. It serves as a useful community to network and showcase ideas and current projects.

Atomic 20 also has a series of events that bring its members together. They have a weekly Intention-Setting Breakfast meeting and Cotivation, where members come together to share upcoming ideas and goals for the week. They also host a 6-week event series called Freelance Academy, where they hold a workshop for those who want to learn how to succeed as a freelancer and grow their business. The first speaker of the series, which kicks off October 12, is Atomic 20’s own Community curator Tony Bacigalupo. He will be talking about how to use community as a tool to further one’s success as a freelancer. Every week there will be a new guest speaker that contributes more innovative ways to help newcomers break their way into the up and coming freelance industry.

On their marketing side, Atomic 20 uses the various skill sets of their freelancers to form teams to design, strategize, and create advertising content. Through digital and print branding and communication, the atomic 20 staff creates marketing plans and advertising projects for local brands.

Atomic 20 will also soon be occupying not only its current space but will be expanding to the building across the street. Their main goals include creating interesting content for brands, as well as advertising for their coworking space. It is located in the center of Boulder on the corner of Broadway and Spruce. They have an open house once a month and take drop in inquiries. They welcome everyone to stop by, check out their space, and meet their staff.

Check out their website here:

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