Grenadier is a local advertising and marketing agency located right here in Boulder on University Hill. Grenadier, which is a Barkley partner company, was founded in 2012. Grenadier’s core mission is to help brands that embody the enthusiastic and emerging entrepreneurial mindset. Since it was founded, Grenadier has built their brand on helping clients identify and commit to a purpose, a purpose that does more than just sell stuff. They believe every company has their “why” and that the most successful brands are the one’s who know their “why” and use it every day when interacting with customers. They call this idea of thinking their brand stand, and they use it as a guideline to help brands find their stance, regarding what they want their brand core values and goals to be. The brand stand model serves as a template for creative briefs and as a filter for necessary brand decision-making. Grenadier believes in order to be a good business, one must have a solid combination of the three necessary resources, which are a good product, the right people, and an ultimate purpose.

The Grenadier team is also well trained in a variety of services. Specifically their work includes strategy and research, brand development, and integrative creative work. They have worked with popular global clients such as Quiznos, Sunny D, and Coinstar, as well as ones more on a local scale such as Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park. To find out more about this awesome agency, visit

Originally from the most loved state on the East Coast, New Jersey, she fell in love with the Colorado culture the second she stepped foot here. Ever since, she has been lucky enough to attend school at the University of Colorado-Boulder, making this beautiful city her home. Currently pursuing a degree in journalism, she enjoys taking cool pictures and meeting interesting people. Passionate about helping others and giving back, she has been a part of the CU Rotaract club serving as the Special Events Coordinator for the past three years. This past semester she was given the opportunity to spend four exciting months in Barcelona, where she studied during the week and ran around the rest of Europe on the weekend. Now finally back in Boulder, she is excited to get back to the mountains and reporting about the fascinating people that live in the Boulder community.