I admit: I am an avid bookworm, book hoarder, and bibliophile. I never go anywhere without a book and I must read at least an hour each day to feel slightly normal. I frequently visit Trident Booksellers, a three-story bookstore located in the heart of Pearl Street, and romp through their aisles, enjoying being around people who (hopefully) share my mindset, my heart warm and fuzzy being surrounded by thousands of books just waiting to be read.

Trident Booksellers was established in 1979, a place for friends and students to gather together to talk, study, read, and imbibe the myriad of classical and canonical materials available at their very fingertips. The bookstore includes a café, the perfect place for readerly conversations, and frequently hosts events: writer talks, books signings, wine and cheese tastings, and even speed dating, oh my! Trident prides themselves on their eccentricity—the shelves in the front which exclusively feature staff favorites, the collector’s items, the focus on philosophy and criticism and metaphysics, as well as all of the rest of the genres you might be interested in.

Trident also hosts concerts at their location, the Copper Leaf Music Band playing tonight at 7pm, if you’re interested and want to listen to some good music. There’s a comedy show tomorrow night, and Erik Larson and Friends playing on Saturday. The place is always alive and happening, featuring exciting and interesting events even for people who might not be so interested in books, but might be more inclined and tempted once going into the store. I love that about this place, it attracts young and old, book lovers and those maybe not so in love, but nonetheless Trident has a unique, community feel, and not a place to be missed if you happen to be walking on Pearl Street one fine summer morning.


Theresa Duncan is primarily a student of writing and lover of literature, currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Cambridge, England. She has previously worked for Ocean Magazine and the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, and enjoys learning about the esoteric eccentricities of every town she visits. She loves books of all kinds, climbing and bouldering around Colorado, and drinking a jag of Pimms with her tutors when she’s in England. She has a BA from California Lutheran University in English and hopes to eventually pursue a Ph.D in Literature.