Finals are over and its almost time for Christmas! This year CU has a slightly longer Christmas vacation than previous years. We have an entire month off this time, we go back to school January 17th. Having a whole month off sounds fab because I hate doing school work and love sleeping in and just hanging out all day. It’s also the last time that I will have this amount of time off to just do nothing before I have to enter the real world at the end of second semester. However, when I think about it, one month is a really long time when you have nothing planned, so I’ll have to keep myself busy. For those of you who need to keep busy too, here are some things to do!

  1. Go Christmas shopping if you haven’t already
  2. Read a book, or read multiple!
  3. Go to Pearl Street and look at the pretty lights
  4. Try new places to eat out
  5. Join a gym (holiday food is all fun and games until you’ve gained 10 pounds)
  6. Watch holiday movies
  7. Figure out what you want to do with your life (this one is really more for me)

Or if you’re someone who works yourself crazy during the semester, and don’t want to do anything except chill the whole time, that’s fine too! It’s important to relax and enjoy yourself!