There’s nothing better than a solid cup of coffee or a perfectly frothed cappuccino. If you have a hankering for a cup of joe, Boulder has fantastic coffee shops (Ozo, Laughing Goat, Amante, Todd’s). But if you’re a true coffee lover (or a caffeine addict), coffee cravings can pop up long after breakfast.

So here are a few coffee-centric desserts to end your date night on a high note—or at least a caffeine high.

Build-Your-Own Affogato: Heifer and the Hen (5290 Arapahoe)

There’s a newly opened ice cream shop in Boulder, located next door to its sister company, BRU. They offer the option to pour nitro cold-brew coffee over any scoop of their ice cream so you can create a custom, delectable affogato. (I recommend pouring coffee over one of these flavorful scoops: Burnt Honey, Choco-Vicious, or Mexican Hot Chocolate.)

If that seems like a tad too much caffeine for the end of the night, order a scoop of their Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. You won’t be disappointed. The store is open every day until 9pm, so you can swing by after dinner.

Tiramisu: Dagabi Cucuina (3970 N. Broadway)

If you’ve never been to Dagabi, it’s worth staying for an entire meal. But if you just want some coffee-inspired dessert, order the tiramisu. It’s everything you’d expect from a great tiramisu: silky-soft layers with a kick of espresso and rich mascarpone.

The Coffee IPA Ice Cream Sunday: FATE Brewing (1600 38th Street)

Image courtesy of FATE Brewing

Image courtesy of FATE Brewing

Once you taste this creation, you might not want to share. It’s Coffee IPA ice cream served inside a maple cookie bowl and covered in nuts, house-made caramel, fudge sauce, and chantilly crème. If you’re feeling crazy, pair this with a pint of Coffee IPA because you only live once, right?

Ozo Coffee Ice Cream: Sweet Cow (North and South Boulder locations)

Sweet Cow has some of the best coffee-flavored ice creams around. Throughout the year they have different iterations of Ozo Coffee-infused scoops (Ozo Espresso Bean, Ozo Coffee Cookies and Cream, Ozo Coffee Almond Fudge). Sometimes you can score coffee ice cream inside one of their ice cream sandwiches! Call or check their website to see which coffee-inspired flavor is currently on the menu.