Matilde’s mission is simply to make a difference in her community and in the world if possible. Everyday she thinks about how to make a positive change here on Earth. Matilde observes relationships between a group of people, two individuals or any relationships because then she has the knowledge and experience to know how to help people or go about solving a problem that could potentially be life saving, or just create a space for a better lifestyle. Her energy comes from the feeling inside of her that she has done good in the world, and that she has accomplished something in her life. She wishes that people would be more alternative in the ways they think and live, instead of staying in the same mental boxes and getting the same results. She would love to see a world full of more open minded people so the world could advance in ways that’s more humane and ideal for everyone. And even if not all the time, at least contribute to and support the creative and innovative platforms. Though she was born in Denmark, the beauty and the freshness of the air here in Boulder draws her to being outside more than anywhere else so far in her life.
Thanks for your insight Matilde!