“I’m from Minneapolis Minnesota and I have family that lives close by. I grew up skiing  Keystone for so long that I just felt like a draw towards Colorado. My passions are that I really love learning languages and learning about other cultures in the language as I grew and I’ve been learning about different cultures and now I am starting Spanish. I really love adventures and waking up every morning in Boulder is inspiring, and arguably life changing. I want to go out there and I want to explore and maybe draw something in nature. I think learning other languages is really important because it shows that it allows you to see life through different people’s perspective. And also gives you the benefit when you travel, you can really see the culture through the language and write about it and I think that is really valuable and learning languages is really essential to unite the world. What I love about Boulder are the people and the free-spirited that comes with it. It’s just something I think a lot of people desire. A relaxed mindset and I think a lot of people have that here and they’re free to be themselves. I really enjoy the flatirons, and how it cover the face of mountains. They don’t really look real , they look crafted, and it’s so cool to see that nature can are produce something like that.”
Thanks Caroline!