There is something magical about breweries in Boulder, they always seem to expand head of schedule, and Fate Brewing Company is no different. They have just announced that they are acquiring a new space close to their current facility to expand brewing operations.

FateThey will be adding two new 30bbl fermenters, one 10bbl fermenter and two 3bbl fermenters. In addition, they are adding a dedicated bottling, canning, labeling and packaging area. More interestingly, they plan to expand their barrel room, to include not only bourbon, tequila and fresh charred American oak barrels, but to seek out wine barrels and those of other spirits as well.

They have come a long way quickly, this is all happening before their 2nd anniversary. This is wonderful for patrons, the brewery’s tap list already contains 4 core beers, 12 special release and collaboration beers, 3 imports and 10 guest taps.

They already have put 7 beers into bottles, all 750ml, including the Coffee IPA and the upcoming collaboration with Kyle Hollingsworth of the String Cheese Incident, Apollo Tsai a hopped honey wheat infused ale with earl grey tea.

I spoke with Alyssa Lundgren of Fate, she noted,”this is about brewing more beer, perfecting capacity, and looking into new equipment” This means we should see more collaborations such as the Orci Corde, a Belgian wit brewed with African ginger and orange peel, the Fate and Denver Zoo Collaboration in addition to others.

What makes this brewery and restaurant so wonderful is this: Most places in today’s brewing world are focusing on the pairing of beers and food. While Fate certainly doesn’t ignore that, but owner Mike Lawinski maintains the approach that you should pair and enjoywhatever sounds good to you. If you want a spicy dish with a hoppy beer, do it!