“You’re off to great places,

Today is your day.

Your mountain is waiting,

So get on your way!”

-Dr. Suess

Let’s talk about woo-woo today. I’m going to be more abstract than usual, but I want to dance in this critical topic.

In circles of the community, I’ve been flabbergasted that the community rejected the idea of woo-woo. Definition? Woo-woo is what cannot be measured, an idea of spiritual forces that cheer us on to succeed. A magic in the air that aligns our outer life with our inner feelings, desires, and motivations.

I’ve heard much judgment and denial about how there can’t possibly be help that can’t be measured, tested, or even seen. I have watched this limitation keep people from reaching their potential. If you find yourself in doubt that we have allies and circumstances, which promote our well being, imagine for a moment that you could open to this support, that woo-woo is a thing.

Searching for Calm

In order to admit that vital ways of life are a paradox, you must admit that it’s easy to plant yourself stubbornly on one side of a belief, but in order to thrive, you must admit you don’t know everything and find “the other side of the belief”. For example:


Should one tolerate intolerance if intolerance would destroy the possibility of tolerance?


Those who kept their minds open were more goal-directed and more motivated than those who declared their objective to themselves.


When a cup of tea is stirred, the leaves assemble in the center, even though centrifugal force pushes them outward.


Attempts to determine position must disturb momentum, and vice versa.


When one pursues happiness itself, one is miserable; but, when one pursues something else, one achieves happiness.


If God knows in advance how we will decide, how can there be free will?



Duel Sides of the Mind

Our illusions are not real, yet it’s real that illusion itself exists.




In the ‘not knowing,’ and on ‘the other side,’ there is something we need that is quite sacred, necessary to heal and create peace. In this ‘field’, we let go of the hustle to make money, to do what’s expected.

Innovation, and ironically, abundance in all forms, is found here. The place we seek when we feel overwhelmed is here. It rejuvenates us. I’ll show you how to be here more often. Eventually, you will learn to live here.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself to ‘know’ things. Of course you do, it’s highly valued in this world. When I know something

a roomful of people want to know, they revere me. But really, is it that important that I know something? It’s more important that I can calmly be ‘in the question.’ While ‘in the question,’ I can be 100% me. I don’t have to be seen as something I’m not. There is freedom to be the individual you were born to be. You bring your gifts here, and create what it is that will offer you contentment and equanimity.

When you admit the paradox of your life, you get to be in the question, instead of carrying the pressure to always have the answer.

Take the pressure off yourself to know the answers. Since paradox is a reality where we reside, and concrete answers shift as science unfolds, the real importance is to be okay with not knowing right away, to let go of the I Am self for a moment, and understand that there’s more room (happiness, wonder, satisfaction) in the question rather than the need to have the answers.

Take woo-woo into your life for 1 year, and incorporate it into your belief system. If it doesn’t work out for you, let it go next year. Decisions are more in sync when you move with the invisible guides that suggest and warn, if you are keen enough to listen.

“Paradox is Reality”

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