The Anti-Burnout Limit

I am writing a book about endurance, and have fallen in love with its meaning and quality. I looked up endurance at, and I got a huge boost of energy. Listen to these lovely words:

Ability, capacity, courage, fortitude, grit, mettle, patience, perseverance, persistence, stamina, strength, tenacity, tolerance, and vitality! Yes!  Write those down on your intention board for 2018.

Here’s the antonyms for endurance:

Apathy, cowardice, idleness, impotence, inability, incompetence, indifference, indolence, intolerance, lack, laziness, lethargy, timidity, and weakness. Ouch! The False Self can have a hay-day with those words, and drag us into infinite negativity.

I bring up the opposite of power words, because it allows you to get to know your stories, thoughts, and opinions of the words. Plus, it lets you own your understanding of the entire concept.

Endurance is not a drop in the water. Endurance is a lifetime of awareness, commitment, and grit. Bad days will happen. With the tools I provide in my blog, you can have less bad days, which will allow you to continue to endure.

An early adopter in the health food industry had his own store in the 60’s and 70’s in the Midwest. He loved customer service. He was grand. He would say, “The Key to health food and supplements is to have more good days than bad.” That translates to all the techniques I share. Emotional Integration, Meditation, Exercise, Rest, Relaxation Techniques, Motivational Ideas, Readings, and Intimacy with Others are all your Endurance Health Food and Supplements.

It’s not just about self-care. I can’t stand that overused word. It IS about a lifestyle where you take care of yourself because you have a big job to do in the world, since you are a leader. The word self-care assumes it’s a luxury to take care of yourself. This is not the case. It is your first priority, since you need to be around for many years, as you lead people in your altruistic way.

Let’s assume you’ve taken a stand for your own endurance. You trust endurance is a must, in order to take you through your Leadership Life. You reap the rewards of having lived your purpose not only through your career, but into your retirement. There’s no room for apathy or idleness in this perspective. Timidity and laziness are short-lived, if at all, and you’ve got your eye on the prize, but your feet are planted firmly in what is happening now.

Burnout has nowhere to live in a person who believes in their leadership, who has great capacity and strength to spread prosperity, a humane vision, and a peaceful heart. I paint this picture so you may see how important each choice you make in a day truly is. Burnout is not an option, so take it easy when you get lost, find your way back, and integrate these tools so you can lead with the least struggle and the most impact.

If you feel burnt out or close to it, I can guide you where to begin. Take a retreat. It is a big step, which is called for when creating a paradigm shift. From that big step, you gain ideas for baby steps into your courageous future.

The Anti-Burnout Limit is a life preserver. It’s when you begin to feel more of the Burnout Part than the Endurance Part, in your daily activities. Life really stinks when this begins to happen. So let’s nip it in the bud.

Whether you’re a solo professional, or you have a team, you need to know your limits. My colleague has been in sales for over 50 years. He has a full practice, too full. It’s pretty darn tough to turn down business, especially when you’re the typical A-type Sales Professional. But it’s something you should learn if you don’t want to burnout.

Be clear, before you get to your limit, what you think your limit might be. This is merely forecasting, but it’s a good exercise in how to stay clear about what might be too much. Then when it is too much, you’ll catch it more quickly. How much can you take before you don’t enjoy yourself anymore?