So it only took 3 weeks, but we’ve finally arrived at the post I started out writing: make-up tips for the beautifully bespectacled.

I tend to reserve my glasses for my lazy days. You know the ones. The days that invite a uniform of yoga pants and hoodies. Or not! That’s the beauty of lazy days, the ambivalence, the ease, the lack of caring how you’ve presented yourself to the world. Liberation.

But not everyone feels similarly. Some people wear their spectacles and eschew contacts on the daily. And indeed some days I need to wear my glasses in situations where I want to be presentable. Like when I burn my corneas with acid moments before needing to leave the house, for example. So, for those that want to fancy up their four-eyes, this is for you.

Tip #1:

Rainbow Eye

Not so much this.


Glasses aren’t a mask. Your eyes are still visible and, beyond this, are highlighted by the simple fact that you’ve framed them. Since your eyes are already on display, you don’t need to draw more attention with a zany eyeshadow color. Stick with nudes or subtle hues.

 Tip #2:

Yellow Concealer

I’ve used this in the past and have been satisfied with the yellow-ness.


Glasses tend to cast a shadow below the eye. If you’ve already got some luggage going on down there, this could be problematic. Choose a yellow based concealer and add that to the concealer you already use or, if you don’t typically conceal, just add a few dots below your eye and blend.

Tip #3:

Nobody is born with eyebrows like this.


Don’t ignore your eyebrows. They’re kind of the gateway to the face when you’re wearing glasses. Your glasses frame your eyes, your eyebrows frame your glasses. If you’re not a big plucker, at least brush the little hairs all in one direction. You can use a little bit of eyeshadow to fill them in. I recommend a matte natural hue about a shade or two lighter than the color of your actual eyebrows.

Tip #4:

Like so.


Consider a bold lip. I say this with a grain of salt. For some reason I am lipstick averse. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. But for those of you out there who rock a painted lip, get it. Go bold. With your eyes pretty, but understated, it’s your lips’ time to shine.

Do any of you gals with glasses have other tricks? Let me know in the comments below.