Happy National Beer Day, you beer lover, you! We in Boulder couldn’t ask for more beautiful weather to celebrate this most beloved of national holidays. If you ask me, when the temperature starts inching up near the 70’s but stays well below the 80’s, that is the perfect time to crack open an IPA. It’s not so cold that you want to curl up inside with a smoky stout or chocolate porter but not so hot you need to cool down with an easy-drinking saison or light lager.

The IPA has been steadily growing as a classic as well as experimental form in the Colorado craft beer scene for a number of years. Now, with the rise of the sour, perhaps the IPA heyday is passing but that certainly doesn’t mean that the now-staple craft style is going anywhere. With its aromatic hops, a crisp golden color, and, often, a bright, citrusy flavor, the classic IPA is one that many breweries in the Boulder area have mastered. So, naturally, on this 70-degree National Beer Day, I opted for a build-your-own six-pack chock full of some Boulder IPA favorites, tried and true or brand-spanking-new.

In case the picture doesn’t give it away, I went with Boulder Beer’s Mojo IPA, Sanita’s IPA, FATE’s Moirai IPA, Vindication’s IPA, as well as Upslope’s Imperial IPA and Avery’s Hog Heaven Imperial Red IPA for some variation on the quintessence. Now, that’s not to say there isn’t lots of variety among the first four IPAs in that list because, I’m here to tell you, there certainly is. But I like to take a jaunt into the realm of Imperial IPAs too.

And, since I’m a proponent of not drinking on an empty stomach (read: I love food as much as I love beer), I plan to include a hearty serving of curry chicken and veggies with rice in my IPA fest. I have yet to find a meal that a hoppy, citrusy, crisp IPA complements better.

Follow my lead and stay home to celebrate with your personal favorites or enjoy your Friday night out at a brewery to take part in the fun of this year’s National Beer Day!



Krista is a native of Nebraska who left all that corn behind for the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. She graduated from the University of Denver with BAs in English and Anthropology and is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from CU. In the ceaseless search for inspiration, her passions for writing and culture led her to another great love: Colorado microbreweries. When she’s not trying the new IPA on tap, Krista can be found hiking Chautauqua, running the Boulder Creek Path, or curled up with a good book