Luvin Arms held a special pet loss grief group on Sunday for those who lost their companion animals during the Marshall Fire. I would like to share some photos of that day, which included Connect and Cuddle healing time with our beloved animal residents.

Included here are grief counselor, Richard Mercer, and co-facilitator, Jeremy Moore (standing). Also pictured here (with our Lily the pig) is Chris Clearday, a community member who spontaneously showed up to the grief group event with the sole desire of gifting both humans and animals alike who have been impacted by the fire with Reiki healing. Our Lily is on stall rest right now, not impacted by the fire, but Chris jumped right in with her healing touch!

Also, here is a video of our displaced chicken flock. These beautiful chickens are temporarily living with us at Luvin Arms after losing their home to the fire:

Enjoy this beautiful evening.