Boulder Local Business

Rebecca Luna, Owner of Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply

Experience a stress reduction the moment you walk into Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply. From the instant aroma of fresh, local herbs, to the warm welcome from the trained herbalist staff, you’ll know you just walked into one of Boulder’s long-time gems.

Rebecca Luna, owner of Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary, opened the store in 2004. Before opening, Luna was a botanical medicine-making teacher, and she said she could never find everything she needed in one place. So, she decided to open that place.

Now, after almost 12 years of business in Boulder, Luna said it’s all about being part of the community and providing the “people’s medicine,” as she put it.

“For preventative medicine, herbalism is everyone’s birthright,” Luna said. “We’re here to educate people on how to use the plants that grow around us, and to make them affordable and accessible. It should be like a salad, that easy.”

Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary has experienced numerous growth spurts during its long-time existence in Boulder. The space has grown and now has a kitchen, where they hand-make all of their products. They offer more products than ever, as well as educational classes.

“We get people from all walks of life now,” Luna explained. “It used to sort of be a “woman’s shop” but now we see lots of diversity, different cultures, lots of men, lots of older and younger people.”

Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary is most known for its wall of loose, fresh herbs, many of which come from small farms in or around Boulder. Local has first priority, and everything is labeled.

“The local herbs just sing, you can tell,” Luna said. “The farmers bring us local herbs with huge grins on their faces. It’s just this love fest. It’s an ultimate win-win.”

In the store, you will also find tea blends, bath and body products, infusers, essential oils, flower essences, hydrosols, therapeutic herbal blends and so much more. Luna said the most popular products among customers include the tea blends and body care products, especially the facial care line, which is all made in the kitchen on site.

As far as Luna’s go-to products, she said, “Honestly, I would freak out if I didn’t have the face oil, hair oil and tooth powder. I could not go a day without one of those things.”

The trained herbalist staff is happy to “meet people where they’re at,” as Luna put it, so no one feels intimidated going in there. The staff will help you find what you’re looking for, or they will give you your space to just browse. Luna said it’s totally fine to come in and not buy anything the first time.

How will you know what your body needs most? Tactile sensations is what Luna recommends. Customers can smell and feel things and see what they are drawn to.

“The wonderful things that could happen when we just get out of our own way,” Luna explained. “You can watch a customer’s body change and can tell if something is right or wrong for them. The nose knows!”

In a city so known for its startups and new businesses, Luna said she feels very blessed and supported by the community to have been open since 2004.

“At this point, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, I feel like it’s what I’m supposed to be doing, and this is definitely the right community for it,” Luna said.

She said it feels like the little shop that could.

“Everybody said we wouldn’t be open more than a year. Everybody! And here we are. And we’ll be open for the next 30 to 40 years at least.”

You can visit Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply at 1227 Spruce Street. To learn more, visit their website at