1. ALWAYS make numerous copies of your passport or ID card.
  2. ALWAYS keep those important document copies in different places. If your entire purse gets stolen, what’s the point of making copies of your passport in the first place? I have made so many copies over the years, that now I just find them in random zipper pockets or bags I travel with. (That’s when you know you have enough copies)
  3. ALWAYS try to purchase a small international data plan for you cell phone or an international SIM card abroad when traveling depending on length of stay. If you have an iPhone 5s or newer the international SIM cards are pretty inexpensive and you can buy data plans at many stores overseas. If not, most US carriers charge about $20-60 for international data plans, just plan ahead and call your carrier.
  4. 318212_2372363113740_1452535_nALWAYS double check for valuables when leaving anywhere, especially security at the airport. Sounds like a no brainer, however I pride myself on my impeccable travel skills and even I’m guilty of leaving my laptop on the conveyer belt after my bags went through the x-ray, complete nightmare.
  5. ALWAYS carry water and food. Whether it’s a sip and a crumb or a fountain and a pizza, always bring it! You’re never going to know when you need that little burst of energy to keep you going. Granola bars are the easiest.
  6. ALWAYS try to cook meals in your hostel or apartment to save a little money. If it’s your honeymoon you may want to skip this tip, but for those looking to save a little cooking even just one meal a day can save tons of money. Then when you do go out to that awesome restaurant you’ve heard about you can have everything your stomach desires and your bank account can afford!
  7. ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Better to be safe than sorry. A bad sunburn can ruin a vacation, not to mention, they are excruciatingly painful.  Or a hat works too… 314448_2372339113140_588334_n-1
  8. ALWAYS pack something considerably warm and cold. Traveling through South America I was freezing and shivering on the bus rides, and then I’d get off the bus for a pee break and be profusely sweating from the humidity. No matter what the climate is where you’re going, there’s always the chance for hot/cold spots everywhere.
  9. ALWAYS pack less. Less is always more when it comes to packing and traveling! Lugging around a 60 pound backpack around Thailand isn’t the most glamorous travel experience…not that I would know or anything…
  10. ALWAYS ask several sources for information. Whether it’s for directions, currency questions, anything, just ask around. For example, in several countries around the world they consider walking half of a mile “undoable.” I was in Singapore and asked the lady at the information booth if a station was in walking distance. She responded with an absolute “NO, you can’t walk!” I listened, took the train, and when I walked outside I could literally see where I had gotten on the train. DER.  224422_1898986391485_5734072_n