Sunrise Tent

No, this isn’t a tutorial on how to use last night’s campfire ashes to create a smoky eye, although, that is a kind of genius idea. Instead we have a list of practical ways to be less of a greasy B.O. ball when you’re without running water in the middle of nowhere.

1) Sunscreen

Sunscreen Shoulder

I mean, are you really surprised? Sunscreen is my number one, all the time, yes-every-single-day, beauty item. This doesn’t change when you’re out roughing it. In fact, it becomes even more paramount.

You know what a hot mess looks like? Red, peeling skin in a distinctly sunglasses outline. It’s like inverse hideous goggles. Don’t let it happen to you.

2) Face Wipes

Face Wipes

Every night, no matter what, on the side of Mt. Everest, or safely tucked in a cabin, wash your face. No water? No problem. Items like this, this, or even this, are perfect. Packable, water free, and leaves you feeling civilized.

Let your pores be as free as a marmot on holiday.

3) Oil Blotting Sheets

Oil Blot Sheets

She looks about as excited as I am at the prospect of spending multiple nights sleeping on the ground in a nylon packet that traps the musk of sweaty men and wet dog. Camping, whee!

But, oil blotting sheets.

Full disclosure: I sweat. A lot. Exhaling will make me break a sweat. In all reality I am just as responsible for the aforementioned musk. So you can imagine the slip n’ slide my T-zone becomes if I’m hiking, climbing, or trying to assemble any bungee reliant structure. Having a few of these babies (like these, these, or these) tucked in a pocket saves me from wiping off sweat with my dirty, dirty outdoor hands and plugging up my poor indoor loving pores.

4) Tinted Chapstick

Tinted Chapstick

Color that will not make you feel like a clown, moisturizer that will help your lips recover from the blowing wind of alpine tundra, and SPF? Yes, please! Some options (that I have received zero incentive from to promote) include: Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20, Physician’s Formula BB All in 1 Balm Stick SPF 50, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15. (The last one I actually have used and highly enjoy… super smooth, tastes/smells like lemon loveliness, but WILL melt in your pocket. So maybe keep it near your water bladder to minimize meltage.)

5) Dry Shampoo

Rainbow Aerosol

Oily hair? Smelly hair? Sweaty hair? Take along some dry shampoo (la, de, or da) so in the mornings you can be revitalized and possibly dampen the campfire odor. Shake it, spray it, rub it in, and brush through with fingers. Goodbye, grease ball!

Do any of you have any super duper camping beauty tricks? Let me know in the comments below!