Whenever it comes to traveling there’s always one thing almost every girl struggles with, packing. Either packing too much, packing too little or just not knowing what to bring. I’ve come up with a packing list that I use for almost ALL warm weather destinations. Although there’s always a chance of rain, fog or clouds wherever you’re going this list is warm weather focused however has all the easy essentials to keep you warm if for some reason the weather isn’t up to par. I included pricier options as well as some more affordable options so everyone can get a little taste of the travel style I love.

#1: Swimsuits: A girl can never have too many bikinis. I literally think half of my closet is filled with bikinis that I’ve acquired from all over the world. From thongs to full coverage you gotta dress the part wherever you’re going.

My favorite of the more expensive brands are ACACIA and MIKOH.  These bikinis are on the pricier side, however the fabric is very forgiving to your body and you’ll never regret buying any of these. All can be found at http://www.ishine365.com



For a more cost-efficient and just as perfect bikini, try out Midori Bikinis-a U.S. based Brazilian inspired bikini line. After all, you have to look good when on the beach! Always invest a little hard earned money in a great bikini, or two? http://midoribikinis.com

View More: http://taylorleopoldphoto.pass.us/mb-selects



#2: CRAP Eyewear: I know the name throws you off a little bit, but that’s the whole fun of it. CRAP sunglasses are my go-to sunglasses for every occasion. I’ve been wearing their “beach party” shades non-stop for the past two years. When I sat on my glasses and the hinge detaches there was nothing else I could do other than order another pair. Everyone is down with the CRAP shades, get with it. http://www.crapeyewear.com


#3: Havianas: These flip-flops are not only flip-flops but also lifesavers. Coming from Brazil, I cannot tell you how many times I just needed a quick and cute pair of inexpensive flip-flops to either rock or trash. When you’re traveling things can get weird…muddy, dirty, sweaty, usually on the dance floor or mid-hike and a summer shower wants to grace you with it’s presence. With a pair of havianas you’re always in the clear. They’re rubber so you can easily clean them and if they get ruined, hey they were only a couple dollars in the first place. Just toss them and get a new pair. http://us.havaianas.com


Mara Hoffman Designed Havianas at $44, on the pricier end.


These are traditional Havianas going for $26. You can find them other places for less expensive. In Brazil the going rate is about $10.














#4: Crop Tops: This one is mainly for looking fly. Although some can consider crop tops functional (haha) to me I just always bring them places because they’re easy to slip on with a maxi skirt or jean shorts, or really anything for that matter. My favorite crop top/swim top combo comes from Made by Dawn. Some are on the more pricey side, around ($104) however you can fine some that are more affordable at places. Free People has some on their site currently that are around $60.   Although the price might be a little much, you can’t argue you look gooooood. http://madebydawn.bigcartel.com/product/coral-snow


Made By Dawn

For a more inexpensive option try Forever21, they are never short of a good summer crop top.


#5: Lulu Lemon: This is where my list starts to become perfect for all weather occasions. I NEVER leave my house without my LuLus in hand. I have had the same pair of straight-legged LuLus sadly to say, for four years! And guess what, they’re still awesome. The reason I put this item on the spring/summer packing list is because they’re perfect for carrying with you if you need to wear them. They don’t take up much room at all and if you’re room gets too cold at night or you take a bus that pumps the AC out at ungodly rates, these will become lifesavers. Traveling through the hot hot summers in South America, I would take twenty-hour bus rides (or longer) and it would be 110 degrees outside, and about -45 in the bus. Ok, well that’s what it seamed like. Spend the extra money on LuLu’s they have the best feel and will last you forever, literally.




#6: Patagonia Jackets: Now, you may have noticed but I always include Patagonias on my travel lists. Why? Because there’s really no better product on the market. I bring mine everywhere (my fleece and my puffy jacket) and just like LuLu Lemons they don’t take up much space, can be rolled into a little ball and they’re convenient as hell. Airplane rides, bus rides, AC (I don’t like the cold) and Patagonias are my heaven sent. Also just like LuLu Lemons, a Patagonia is worth the money. With their lifetime guarantee you will buy one and be done with it! Hey, it’s a lifetime guarantee…you would be stupid not to invest in some awesome outerwear. Patagonia.com


Patagonia $229



Uniqlo $69.99 on sale right now for $59.99

If for some reason you just don’t have the money, Uniqlo offers some pretty rad puffy jackets as well. I’ve never tried them so I can’t say if the quality is like Patagonia but it comes at about half the price. http://www.uniqlo.com


#7: Maxi Skirts: The most re-packed item on the packing list for me is my maxi skirts. I probably own 30, no joke. They’re so multi-functional. They can be worn really anywhere. Even if it’s cold out you can throw on a pair of leggings underneath and still look cute. In warm destinations a maxi skirt can make your outfit. They’re easy to pack; throw it on and you’re good for a nice night out.


#8: Cut-off Denim Classic Levi Shorts: When I was packing for India a few days ago my boyfriend said to me… “You can’t bring those to India” my response…”Oh yes I can.” I bring my Levi shorts everywhere. They go with everything. A must pack.


#9: Mara Hoffman Resort Wear: This is one of those summer items you have to have if you’re going somewhere where you’re going to be in a suit.   There are so many options. On the less expensive end there’s again Forever21 or H&M that have tons of low-priced cover-ups…if you have the money and want to sport something fierce, check out Mara Hoffman, her clothes are insane. So fabulous. http://www.marahoffman.com/swimwear/resort-wear/draped-dress-2


Mara Hoffman



#10: A good pair of walking shoes: I always opt for either Nikes or Mara Hoffman slip ons. In this case they’re both around the same price. I would probably bring both, a pair of Nikes to work out in and a pair of Mara Hoffman slip on shoes for walking around. Nikes are functions and the Mara Hoffman’s are stylin.    http://www.marahoffman.com/accessories/espadrille


Mara Hoffman