Everyone loves Half Fast subs as a sandwich shop – but every college student knows what it means when someone asks you “Wanna grab a pitcher?”

Half Fast knows what’s up when it comes to serving up the strongest alcoholic drinks you could possibly find on the University Hill. With each pitcher limited to 1 per person, here’s my top 3 choices for what to order when you feel like getting sloshed off of a 32 oz. pitcher of happiness.

  1. Strong Island Ice Tea – Just like a long island iced tea, but stronger and even BETTER. Some people refer to this one as a “strongo” but all you need to know is that one of these will knock you off your feet. It tastes delicious, and would certainly be my go-to order on a Friday night (on the weekend pitchers are half off after 11:30!)
  2. Megarita – Yep, that’s a mega-margarita. Get your fill of tequila with this big ol’ pitcher. Everyone loves a good marg, and if you are in the mood for a giant one, go for this pitcher. Pairs lovely with Half Fast’s chips and gauc for only $4.
  3. Slurricane – If you’re feeling a bit more tropical, try this pitcher for a change. It tastes like a mixture of coconut and fruit punch and feels like summer.  Some say this is a bit more girly, but I’ve seen my fair share of men order this drink too. Pro tip: Have a friend order one, and mix it with your strongo! It’s surpirsingly delicious 🙂

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