If you’re looking for a product that is pure and full of flavour, it’s hard to do any better than rosin. With no use of solvents, rosin is clean and versatile and offers plenty of versatility for dabbing.

Rosin is one of the hottest new ways to enjoy a richer experience, but it can take a little more work to get the pure product. Skimp on any of the steps and you won’t end up with the depth of flavour and strength that rosin is renowned for.

This is where a rosin press comes in, helping to process the raw product and producing rosin which can be used. Here’s a closer look at the rosin press and how it works.


Producing rosin

To get to rosin, the process starts in exactly the same way with raw cannabis which needs to be harvested. Like any cannabinoid product, the better the quality that you start with, the richer and more flavourful the rosin will be. As rosin is such a pure form of cannabinoid, subpar cannabis will be particularly noticeable.

It can seem inconceivable that fresh herbs could produce the golden, amber rosin but just by following a few short steps you can convert one into the other. Heat plays a major role in the process and is essential for pressing and heating your raw cannabis. In the bad old days, hair straighteners were used as a tool, but only tiny amounts could be pressed at any one time. And of course, the inconsistencies with pressure and heat meant that there was no real guarantee of the results that would be produced.

A gap in the market was identified and as the popularity of rosin rocketed, commercial rosin presses became available. These were to transform the quality and availability of rosin.


Using a rosin press

The idea of producing your own rosin may seem daunting but despite how it sounds, you don’t need a degree in pharmacology to enjoy the purest form of this product.

There are a number of rosin presses available to buy and if you have access to fresh cannabis flowers or buds, it’s surprisingly easy to transform it into rosin.

A rosin press is made from two plates which are designed to apply measured amounts of heat and pressure. You place your herbs between these plates, usually using a filter bag. These catch the vegetable matter as this shouldn’t appear in your end rosin.

Rosin can be made from a variety of products, including fresh flowers and buds as well as bubble hash. The product you start with determines the starting temperature. The idea is that the press heats up the cannabis, releasing the rosin as a gold liquid. This is what contains the terpenes, essential for a deep flavour and taste.

As the press exerts the pressure, you’ll find the rosin starts to run out, ready to be collected. This should be clear and golden, with no vegetable matter; this is all collected in the filter bag.

The yield from using hair straighteners to produce rosin is typically around 5%, although many people can’t get it to work at all, wasting their raw cannabis. In direct contrast, a rosin press will give around 30% yield or more. This may not sound like a lot, but the rosin you get will be concentrated, deep in flavour, and extremely strong. It’s for these reasons that rosin is being sought after for vaporizing and dabbing.


The next generation of rosin presses

Manufacturers are using new and evolving technology in their quest to produce the very best rosin press available. Starting with the hydraulic rosin presses, it’s now possible to find pneumatic rosin presses which offer next generation processing with sublime control over both pressure and heat.

A pneumatic rosin press is considered far Superior because the pressure it produces tends to be more even, squeezing the maximum amount of rosin out of any product. They’re also far quieter which is essential when discretion is key!

Every aspect has to be carefully balanced, even the speed at which the pressure from the plates are applied. Manufacturers have refined each detail to produce optimum quality and quantities of rosin, developing narrow plates to minimize the run-off distance as much as possible.


A new way to enjoy your herbs

If you have a vaporizer and enjoy dabbing, a rosin press should be next on your shopping list. Easy to operate and as you aren’t using solvents, completely legal for use in the home. Rosin press technology has evolved a long way from the haphazard use of hair straighteners and in a relatively short period of time you’ll be able to produce your own rosin in all its forms including shatter, sap, wax, and budder.

A pure and clean way to dab, rosin offers the next generation of flavour, taste, and strength and a rosin press makes this possible for anyone.