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Photo Credit: Julia DeBell

For anyone who has recently braved the terror that is Target during back to school, congratulations. You survived.

Let’s be honest about back to school season. Once the novelty of your new backpack/agenda/room décor wears off, we are left with the reality that summer has ended. The nights that don’t require a down jacket are limited, and the first snowfall is a very close reality. If you’re anything like me, you will experience a vague feeling of loss and emptiness as you realize your first midterms are a mere month away. I know. I’m sorry to so rudely awaken you. Let me make it up to you by reminding you all of a few reasons Colorado autumns aren’t so terrible.

Tolerable Temperatures: Yes, summer might be coming to a close. That doesn’t mean the warm weather vanishes overnight. Enjoy this time when you can sleep with actual blankets on your bed and still laze in your hammock the next day.

Fall Colors: Come September, Boulder is ablaze with bright yellow and orange. Take a drive to Nederland or Rocky Mountain National Park to take in unbelievable Aspen groves. Longtime residents of Boulder often describe the mountains as “dusted in gold.” They aren’t too far off.

Friends: This is especially applicable to the students among us. It’s been a few months of quiet. I’m sure a few of you were beginning to feel the creeping and inescapable boredom that catches us all. Well you’re in luck, your squad has come back to town. Embrace the warm days, cool nights, and absolutely gorgeous fall hikes with friends.

Pants: We’ve worn all of our shorts a few too many times. Embrace the pant life.

Pro-Tip: Keep your chin up. The Buff pool is still open and gnarly pow is right around the corner.