Good Morning. Merry Christmas if that’s your thing. Today is an auspicious day, and I am honored to reach out and motivate you on Christmas Day.

Christmas calls for a different type of motivation. It’s not necessarily category 4, the ‘doing less to rest’ category, especially if you’re hosting family and friends today.

Hopefully your day will consist of some R & R, but today calls for a certain presence, to be aware of throughout the cold, shadowy, and sometimes overwhelming series of events.

Christmas is a day where we span the gamut of emotions, thoughts, and judgments. It’s also a day of laughter, joy, light-in-the-dark, and memories to last forever. Oh, the paradox of life.

My mother has late early stage Alzheimer’s. She can still wrap presents. Today, I will be grateful for that. My darling 6 year old is so dreamy. She had a puppet show about a star child coming to Earth from Bethlehem. I will be grateful for that. My son’s smile lights up his face like nothing I have ever seen before. My husband wants so very much to provide for us all. My cat would do anything to get on my lap. Focus on these parts of your life to uplift your vibration, so you can allow more love into your heart.

If you spin around, try to stay busy, and focus on what you don’t have, you’re day won’t be as awesome. Let it in!

Along the lines of Thanksgiving, honor what you DO have in the realm of friends and family. Whether they chew loudly, wince at every noise in the house, are grumpy, act full of themselves, are impolite, and/or generally annoying, motivate today to find the good in them. If it helps to picture them as a happy, sleeping children, no matter if it’s your 90-year old aunt or your red neck cousin; try to see the sweet, reverent good in them today.

Start your morning off as the first who wakes. Take some moments to center yourself. As you enjoy a cup of tea, write down the way you would like to have your day. Here’s an example of mine:

Good morning present one. Today is a day filled with people in your home. As sensitive as you are, please allow them to be exactly who they are without trying to change how they act, what they say, or how they feel. Their ‘stuff’ is their stuff. The only things you can change about today is the way you act and react. Your breath is your friend. When you become swept away with emotion, re-center with your breath, and remember how you want to be seen. You want to be seen with a generous, patient heart. Go forth and stay present with your day. Enjoy, relax, and feel satisfied with another year gone by. All you have to be is yourself.

You can write your note in 1st or 3rd person. I like both. I wrote this in 3rd because it is a kind gesture to myself (and you’re reading it, so it’s a kind gesture to you if you can relate with my life).

Christmas can be a tough time if you’ve lost someone you love. See this time as a window to let them know you love them by writing, discussing, mourning and celebrating their life. Don’t judge yourself for being a ‘downer’. Christmas begs for us to feel it ALL. So let your self feel the melancholy, the disappointment, the grief. In doing so, you allow space to feel the more pleasant stuff.

All in all, you’re now ready for a great day. I hope you get lots of love, affection, and gifts that open your heart to spread love throughout the community and beyond.

You can be the knower of light. Let it shine through tears and through smiles. Life can be such a tremulous journey. We must remember that it’s others who make it worthwhile.

Sit a little closer to the ones who would do anything for you. Open your heart just a little more and compliment someone you have refused to speak to for a while. Enjoy a longer pause, by the fire. These are the moments you’ll remember.



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