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7 Fun Things To Do in Boulder During the Quarantine

March 23rd, 2020

Colorado is edging towards a full shutdown as it was announced that non-essential workplaces must cut their workforce in half starting this week, sending yet another wave of people to sit at home. While you may be tempted to just live your life as you normally would, it’s best to stay at home to help #flattenthecurve so we can all get back to a normal life sooner rather than later. That being said, sitting at home can be boring and stressful for a population that’s hooked on their morning kombucha and yoga class, so here’s 7 ways to stay sane while staying inside. 1. Consider... Read More

3 Indoor Activities During the Coronavirus Shutdown

March 14th, 2020

With so many gatherings cancelled due to coronavirus, you may be wondering what you can even do this weekend to stay entertained. Worry not, for we’ve compiled a list of the top three things you can do to stay busy. 1. Drink a microbrew (not a Corona) You’re in Colorado, so you have plenty of beers to choose from. Although alcohol does not get rid of coronavirus (despite the 44 deaths in Iran from alcohol poisoning this week in an effort to kill coronavirus), a beer has never hurt anyone. Also, you can drink Corona, as it’s not related to the virus, but why would you want to? 2.... Read More

Big Beer Brings Protest to Mexicali

February 2nd, 2018

Water is a basic human right, correct? Even within our society’s divided climate, I think that is something we can all agree upon. No person should go without water. I mean, after all, an adult human body consists of about 60% water. It’s safe to say, we need it. Now, let me ask you another question: It’s not a shock to anyone that California, and southwestern states in general have been suffering from a drought, correct? So, why would Baja California be any different? Wouldn’t they be suffering from the same drought as us? The answer is, yes, they are suffering from severe drought, causing... Read More