Eat Your Way To Health & Beauty

 There is an essential connection between what you eat and how you look.  The word “beauty” originated from the Latin root of “bonus” which means “good”.  An appetite for beauty perpetuates health.  This is one of our sacred blessings, which is why many people pray or give thanks before eating.

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One of our greatest attributes is our ability for self healing.  This is an ongoing day-to-day physical process that many of us are unaware of unless we have an injury or a disease.  Cultivating and appreciating our own beauty and the beauty in others provides enjoyment and leads us to vibrant health.

Not all food is created equal.  Choosing foods which generate the highest potential for sustaining our life is a form of art.   Through proper nutrition we become a living, breathing, walking piece of art.  The digestion and assimilation of nutrient rich unadulterated food, provided by Mother Nature, leads us to our highest desires for physical, mental and spiritual health.  Ultimately, we are a work of art always in progress.  Our beauty and health shines from within!  Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well!