Looking for something local to do this Saturday? Celebrate the Avery Brewing Company’s 24th anniversary with some good tunes and plenty of beers. Avery Brewing has been around since it was established in 1993 by Adam Avery and his father, Larry. Their beers have pleased the mouths of locals for years, but now they have spread beyond Boulder. Just when I was living in Boston, I was introduced to what is now my go-to beer, Avery’s White Rascal. They’ve even crossed U.S. borders, selling their Boulder brews in Sweden and Japan! Clearly, there’s a lot to celebrate, so why not rejoice and have a few beers this Saturday?

The party kicks off at 3pm at the Avery Brewing Company up in Gunbarrel, and will run until 8pm. Live music will play throughout the parking lot, including performances by Monophonics, Head for the Hills, and Glovebox Money. If you’ve dined at Avery, you know they have some scrumptious dishes as well, including vegetarian/vegan options, which will be served at the celebration.

Aside from the grub and music, there will of course be BEER! The taps will be flowing steadily this Saturday, and with beers we haven’t seen in years. Avery has stashed away some one-off beers for this very special occasion. What is a one-off beer, you ask? As Avery’s Tyler Mais described to me, one-off beers are a rarity, a beer that was once brewed without any scheduled re-release date, so it’s pretty awesome that we will be able to try some old favorites. There is a full list online of what they will be pouring this Saturday, but I am most looking forward to the Bourbon Barrell-Aged Carlos Caliente, a “tap room rarity.” A sucker for anything with a little heat, I am extremely intrigued by this Belgian-style treat, blended with chipotle, serrano, and habanero peppers. Find out which beer is your favorite this Saturday, August 5th at 24 Years of Avery!

You are able to choose from three separate ticket options (Music Lover $15, Base Layer $30, VIP $55), all with varying degrees of access. Purchase your tickets online, or at Avery’s door when the event opens at 3pm.

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