All I wanted was a warm, melt in your mouth, fresh outta the oven, homemade cookie. It was some twist of fate that I happened to walk into Boulder Baked 1911 Broadway in Boulder. Their cookies were the only thing I came for, and they were well worth every bite.

I had been craving a warm cookie for months, but I am far too lazy to make any from scratch. Boulder Baked makes the cookies for you and finding this out was as if the cookie god had heard my prayers. I ordered a double chocolate chip and a peanut butter cookie. I noticed on their menu they had gluten free and vegan cookies, and they also had soups, sandwiches, and drinks. I admired all the options and there are plenty of choices for every sweet tooth. A nice guy with long hair, who seemed like the cookie making type took my order. I ordered four cookies all coming out to less than ten dollars.

I sat down at a table and admired all the games. There were a few people sitting and chatting and few also playing game, they had chess, checkers, and connect four as a few of the options. I played several games of connect four, and it reminded me of childhood. I tried to sit patiently with wafting cookie smells wandering out of the oven. Every few minutes someone would come by and pick up a box. It looked like a small white pizza box, but it was filled with cookies. Boulder Baked seems to be aptly named for the warm cookies and they convince to the high clientele. They deliver, and they are open until midnight; smoking, drinking, sleepovers, first dates that go late into the night, all seem like perfect occasions to run to Boulder baked, play a few games of connect four, and then proceed to chow down on freshly baked cookies. Every few minutes someone on a delivery would be making it in and out, delivering fresh cookies like a pizza boy. It is almost a tragedy I have discovered this, because there is no doubt in my mind that when I am itching for a ten p.m. cookie, I will have a hard time turning down cheap, freshly baked, hand delivered sweets.

Now tasting these cookies, is just as you’re imagining. They actually crumbled into my hand and I ate it over the bag, digging out the crumbs from the bottom, saving every last bite from the folded paper corners. Everything was warm, sweet, and favorable, everything you could ever want from a cookie. All of my cookie prayers had been answered, my only regret was only ordering four.