This Portland, Oregon native just moved to Colorado in the middle of January to experience the mountain lifestyle. Meet Allison, an outdoor enthusiast and world traveler! Allison originally knew she was bitten by the travel bug ten years ago right before she started college. She participated in a study abroad program in Copenhagen that allowed her to travel all throughout Europe for 6 months.

Since then, Allison took a year to move back to Oregon to pack her things and see her friends and family before she was off to her next destination, San Francisco. In the past few years, she has traveled to Maine, Texas, Florida, and now Boulder, Colorado. “I love Boulder, I love the vibe here, I will definitely be staying here for the next year or so to take it all in,” she said. As much as she loves Boulder, Allison did admit that she will be traveling somewhere new eventually, she just isn’t sure where yet.

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, Allison!