Spring is right around the corner and this time of year for Boulder is lively and energetic! Luckily, this winter has been a pretty mild one but people like Katie can’t wait for the consistent warm weather. Katie is an outdoor enthusiast and avid hiker. She works in retail during the day and bar tends by night and her busy work life balances out with her busy social life. She said her favorite thing about Boulder is the endless amounts of micro brews to check out with family and friends. “Even though I’m working a lot, I love interacting with people and love the jobs I do. So it really doesn’t feel like work,” she said. “Working at a microbrew allows me to meet cool people and enjoy that atmosphere.”

When Katie isn’t working, she goes out with her friends in Boulder or Denver and hits the trails on the weekends. With spring and summer around the corner, Katie is training to do some 14ers this summer.

Good luck Katie and thanks for sharing!