kale 100x

Walking along Pearl, I stopped to speak with Kale, an acupuncture student who was giving away free 5 minute sessions as part of his training. I had to stop and get his story.

Kale  was from Englewood originally, but for the last twenty years he travelled around the states and was in the Dominican Republic for 8 months doing bodywork at a resort. He’s been back in Boulder for 2 years.

He was working as a massage therapist for seven years and having acupuncture done as a patient for 12 years. Being worked on as an acupuncture client, he bacame  interested in helping people through the illness to wellness continuum and thought that acupuncture was a great way to do it.

Kale says, “I love working with pe0ple and of being in service. The acupuncture process I am learning is called 5 element acupuncture. It looks to treat the root cause rather than symptoms. I am 6 months in and have 3.5 more years of studies.”

He goes on to say, “The school I chose, which is in Louisville, is one of the things that drew me back to Boulder.”  Kale says he hopes to stay and set up practice here.

Besides the school, Kale loves the natural wild of Boulder. Kale “It’s very beautiful and coming from New Mexico, where I lived before, the green and water..the whole outdoors. The conscious people that live here and a great element of community and creativity are all super inspiring.”

When asked about Kales philosophy, he replied, “Life is a gift and I feel deeply inspired to give back and be of service in ways that are being in line with my constitution and making life harmonious and beautiful. My favorite quote is: “when in doubt, give.””


Thanks Kale and good luck on your life’s journey!