Fun in the Sun Snow: How to Make the best of Spring Snow


Walking in a winter wonderland


Boulder got slammed with a massive storm which blanketed out hiking trails in snow, and more is expected this weekend. Instead of hiding indoors all day, here’s a few ways to enjoy the snowy outdoors around Boulder.


Snowshoeing: For those that want to get their hiking fix, snowshoeing provides a viable means of snow-top transport. The wide footprint of the snowshoe will allow you to float above the snowy wet surface. Snowshoes are allowed at Chautauqua Park and most hiking venues in Boulder. Snowshoes can be rented at Crystal Ski Shop and Fleet Feet Sports in Boulder.


Nordic Skiing: Nordic skiing is a unique way to explore the trails around Boulder during winter. Nordic skis glide, allowing users to cover more distance in shorter time than snowshoes. Nordic Skiing is allowed at Chautauqua Park, CU South Boulder Campus, and North Boulder Park. Skis can be rented from Crystal Ski Shop or Boulder Nordic Sport.


Snow Hiking: Like regular hiking, but colder and in the snow! Wear wool socks, snow pants, and waterproof boots before jaunting out into the snow-covered hill. Yaktraks, or other grip attachments can provide better grip on the slippery surfaces. Bring some friends and build a snowman. Or, bring a sled and find a hill to race down.


Downhill skiing: With Eldora Ski Resort only 40 minutes away, and seven world class resorts within a two-hour drive, plus ample backcountry zones, there’s no shortage of skiable acres near Boulder. Get out and find some powder!


Stay indoors, stay warm, and cuddle: Maybe you’re not a fan of the cold, or maybe you thought winter was over a month ago. Either way, there’s no shame in staying indoors, wrapping yourself in a blanket, and cuddling with a significant other or fluffy pet. Just be sure to make some hot chocolate or tea beforehand.