Those in the Boulder County area are truly spoiled not only with the many hiking trails and walking paths throughout the foothills and beautiful green fields east of Boulder, but also with the amount of outdoor activities and sports that are available to us, and for some just 20 minutes from our homes. If you are visiting Boulder for the first time or are a local who wants to try something new, here are a couple of fun outdoor activities to try this summer that might even be near your favorite hiking path.

Eldorado Canyon Climbing - Colorado Daily original (500x332)

Climber in Eldorado Canyon. Photo Credit: Kim J. Phillips for Colorado Daily

Climbing and Bouldering. With so many great climbing sites including Eldorado Canyon, a mecca for those of the climbing community, one almost feels obligated to try climbing. Flagstaff, The Flatirons accessed by Chautauqua Park, Boulder Canyon, Clear Creek Canyon and North Table Mountain are other favorites of the local climbing community. Another similar sport to try is bouldering. Bouldering is like rock climbing, but without the use of ropes and harnesses. Bouldering problems, the rocks to be climbed, are usually less than 20 feet high. Equipment needed usually consists of rock climbing shoes, chalk, and a mat for the climbers to fall on to. The newbie to climbing and bouldering should check out The Spot Bouldering Gym and Boulder Rock Climbing Club, or your local indoor climbing wall before heading out.

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Mountain Biking. Along with its urban bike-friendly attitude and lanes, Boulder County boasts hundreds of trails around the area, with favorite mountain bike trails being less than an hour from Boulder itself. Some local favorites include Walker Ranch Loop, Betasso Preserve, and Marshall Mesa. The novice can find plenty of information online on websites such as Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance which lists numerous trails and their difficulty rating, and also has a calendar for group rides. Before hitting the trail, be sure to look into bike rentals if you’re new to the sport or check out one of the many local bike shops where you can learn from the best.

The number of outdoor activities and community support makes Boulder County a paradise for both adventurers and nature lovers. This weekend’s weather forecast promises a beautiful sunny weekend to enjoy the outdoors; so whether you try a new outdoor sport this weekend, pick up the pace for a trail run on your favorite hiking route, or enjoy your favorite outdoor spot . . .

Happy Adventuring!